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Executive Recruitment

For senior-level strategic positions.

'Executive Recruitment' or 'Executive Search' (informally Headhunting) is used in a variety of recruitment situations - confidential appointments, vacancies that require rare skills or experience, or to attract individuals from specific business functions, companies or markets that are not currently job seeking.

Companies engage with an executive search firm when they face a set of internal and external issues that they cannot resolve on their own - a blend of strategic, financial, operational, and human capital challenges requiring leadership solutions. 

Identifying the best executive for a CEO, C-level or other senior-level placement requires a deep understanding of those issues, as well as the ability to approach and engage with the most qualified candidates.

Regardless of the nature of support required, the stakes are high - the wrong leadership solution in the executive suite has a tremendous cost for all parties involved.

As one of Portugal’s leading Executive Search firms, we have the ability to attract and present candidates who can deliver critical value to our clients. 

Shortlist combines valued experience and objective insight to provide Search services that keep our clients ahead of the curve, helping them make distinctive and lasting improvements in their performance through high-impact recruitments. 

Using our customized direct-approach methodology focusing on passive candidates for strategic roles - CEO, C-suite, VP, GM, Director, Manager and other senior-level key positions - we deliver the leaders who best fit your organization’s unique needs.

Confident in our ability to address challenges that Boards and CEOs face, and in our proven capability to deliver candidates who will make an impact and move the business forward, we offer a one-year guarantee on our Executive Search service.

Executive Assessment

Reliable insights.

In case you don't need our Search practice because you already have a candidate, our Assessment practice is all you need.

Too often, when recruiting through their own means, companies make tough decisions based on incomplete or unreliable information. 

We know that, to avoid subjectivity bias and to effectively predict how someone will perform once hired, a combination of behavioral and situational structured interviews with assessments of cognitive ability and assessments of leadership is required.

Shortlist has always been a firm of/for Organisational Psychologists trained as professional Recruiters, and we are conservative about it. We know how to objectively evaluate candidates, revealing their strengths and weaknesses, as well as the underlying drivers behind their performance. 

Our delivery consists of an individual written report, with in-depth appraisal against the client's specification, providing Boards and CEOs a comprehensive assessment with accurate and reliable insights before critical hiring decisions are made. 

Leadership Advisory

Grow from within.

By using all our accurate and reliable assessment capabilities both as a decision-making tool and a catalyst of change, we help clients make strategic decisions regarding best organisational structure when facing major challenges such as mergers or restructuring, or simply with their internal high-potential identification programs.

Merger / Restructuring

Throughout the project we become part of the client’s project team.  We put all our assessment expertise at your service to quickly identify people the organisation should retain and engage - who to keep in their current positions, who would function well in new roles within a larger organisation - as well as to act swiftly helping to decide who will not fit in. 

The hidden gems 

Although it is hard to imagine that large organisations are unable to find an answer to their talent needs internally, their default reaction is to look for talent outside. Unfortunately, organisations are not very good at identifying their hidden gems — individuals who despite flying under the radar and not having developed their full potential yet, are a company’s best bet on future talent. Most companies attempt to tackle this with formal high-potential identification programs, but with limited success as they rely too much on manager nominations that are often contaminated, or focus too much on past individual performance, which muddles their assessment of leadership potential. Our assessment capabilities give our clients additional insight to confidently advance the best available talent for key positions.