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Av. Liberdade 129 B
1250-140 Lisbon, Portugal

Office Partner

Rui Dias


20+ years of full-cycle recruiting experience for strategic senior-level roles across sectors in Portugal and other Portuguese-speaking countries. 

Prior to joining Shortlist in 2003, Rui was a senior Recruiter for seven years. Early in his career he did his training to become a professional Recruiter at the Portuguese Air Force Psychology Center, following a five-year degree in Social and Organisational Psychology.

- testimonials -

"Rui is an excellent dedicated executive, very focus on customer needs and very good on customer/partners relationship. It was a pleasure to do business with him, delivery driven and always available. Understands the needs and then align the most appropriate solution." PEDRO CARDOSO, CEO
"I had a unique and enriching opportunity to meet Rui in my first expatriation process. During two years, Rui was an integral and crucial part of my experience, accompanying me on many of the challenges that came across both in the professional and personal and family level. During this period, Rui was much more than a professional, he was a friend, a confidant, someone whose experience, knowledge and attention to the smallest details contributed to the initiation and development of my international career. For everything and because it was an honour to meet him, I leave here my sincere thanks to someone extraordinary, someone who dedicates himself, with passion, to people and to everything he does, and that I know for sure that, when needed, will always be there!" CARLOS CERQUEIRA, CFO
"Rui is the best HR and talent recruitment I know. I had the amazing chance to learn with him to be professional, ethical, and client driven. Only a few know he is also a great leader and team manager. I would embrace every project Rui would propose to me. I have worked with Rui in the past and would work again, anytime!" DALILA ANTUNES, General Manager and former peer
"I had the opportunity to work with Rui in several recruitment processes. Rui is a very reliable professional because he is very demanding with himself and with people he works with. Very focused in the clients needs, it was a pleasure to work with him." CATARINA GUERRA, Sales Manager and former peer
"I met Rui Dias many years ago. Rui has a very good capacity to discover talents using an approach focused on people, their needs and goals. Rui is committed with his own continuous improvement and presents a strong analytical ability and a deep knowledge of formal techniques in negotiation. These qualities are supported by his values and ethics!" LUÍS PRAZERES, Consultant
"Rui Dias is one of those persons with whom is impossible not to feel an instant empathy. He is very polite, careful and professional. I had the opportunity to be Rui Dias's customer for more than once and he was always very attentive during all the process. Rui Dias is a very honest and professional person and I definitely recommend his services. " PAULO MARTINS, Sales Manager
"I met Rui during the recruitment process that led me be HR Manager abroad. Since the 1st moment, Rui showed a very high level of professionalism and orientation for people, always providing feedback and showing his skills as process manager. 
Later on, I became his client and I've never been disappointed with the quality of candidates he presented to me, but most important than this I knew that he was on top of the process providing feedback for all the parts evolved. He is a very trustful person, with a great capacity to build bonds and motivated people. I do recommend him for any management process in HR, I will keep being his client and asking for his precious advises when needed." FERNANDA MORAIS, HR Manager
"I know Rui since elementary school, so I had the opportunity to witness his development, not only as a professional but mainly as a man and his professional competence is now the reflex of what he is as a man: integrity, reliability, a person on whom you can trust. Rui developed Shortlist from scratch to what it is today and I can only recommend him as reference in his area." PEDRO O. SILVA, General Manager and former peer
"I know Rui for over 15 years, and during this period of time he always revealed an extreme dedication to his clients, delivering services above the expectation!" JOSÉ MARQUES, General Manager and former peer 
"Rui is a very good person, very honest, very assertive, intelligent, excellent professional and highly motivated in job." PAULO CASACA, General Manager